Let it be any Construction or Consultancy work, we are here to help!!

We make modern concrete pavings, soft to feel and comforting to look at.

We can help you monitor your buildings from intiation to completion.

Beautiful epoxy floor designs, specially designed for you

Gigantic swimming pool designs equipped with modern pool features build to standard.


Concrete Stamping

 The new concrete stamp floor finish is the latest floor finish that adds more beauty and values to today’s home, it’s aesthetically(beauty) value adds more beauty to home, some of its advantages over others includes it’s rigidity,flexibility,toughness,strength,prevention to weed,does not ware, and can stay for a very long duration of time regardless of the atmospheric weather condition, the new stamp concrete can be use in residential . houses,commercial building,offices,walk way,schools..etc We also sell concrete stamping materials.


Swimming Pool construction

Combined with our reputation for cost effectiveness, our pools comes in basically two types, the conventional pool which is reinforced concrete with tastefully finished mosaic tiles and the other steel panels with vinyl liner finish its unique construction makes it in recent times the commonly used. We work as consultants to number of construction companies and we come in handy to other professionals.


Imagine a paving system that gives you all the beauty of natural stone’s, slate, brick, that uses a specially already mixed concrete materials that is delivered to your sites and then installed by experts. this highly innovative system is suitable for driveways, patios, forecourts in short any type of installation can be complement with unique additional features the step by step guide to a virtual no Sinkage weed free beautiful installation by spebs contractors


 Our expertise in estimating, construction, project management and preconstruction services ensures that our customers receive a quality product at a fair price and in a reasonable time frame. This is accomplished through the selective use of responsible subcontractors, hiring and retaining first class employees, and working for clients that share a belief in open, honest, and direct communication.

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